Planning to go tiny?




The GO TiNY! Academy


The one-stop shop that educates go-getters like yourself on the step-by-step process of what it truly takes to go from dreaming of going Tiny to living Tiny. 





If you talk to anyone who’s gone tiny, you’ll find…the journey is more complex and is filled with more questions than answers


To minimize the overwhelm that comes hand in hand with thousands of decisions you’ll have to make then

Being fully informed ahead of time is key


Especially, if you plan on enjoying this once-in-a-lifetime transition. 

You have two options…


OPTION A - You could figure things out by yourself by making it your daily ritual to binge-watching YouTube videos, and Tiny Home TV shows, read articles, listen to podcasts, and ask questions on Facebook pages.




OPTION B - You could make the decision to work with an expert in order to learn from other people’s mistakes and give yourself the gift of saving countless amounts of time, energy, and money.



Because the unfortunate truth is…


Most of what you see in a picture-perfect, final-cut version on your screen is not accurate in the ever changing world of building standards, zoning laws and financing, which all play a critical role in you being able to GO TiNY!


You're in the right place Imagine...

  • Finally figuring out how the Tiny Home, Land and Financing can work together

  • Knowing your options and being able to make the right choice with ease and confidence 

  • Having time and energy for the fun stuff like picking out your counters, paint colors, etc.

  • Knowing you made a good choice with your builder

Here's What to Expect... 

 Going through the Academy and completing the series of checklists (not found in any one website, YouTube Video or TV show), you will be fully informed about all of the moving and essential pieces and feel equipped to make decisions that are right for you. 

The GO TiNY!  Academy will take you through the 4-step process of making your dream a reality



the life you want to live in great detail.



to keep you focused on your dream.



to map out the next steps for the journey.



while feeling supported along the way.

What many do not know is that there are 3 pillars to the Tiny Home process and you need to research, prepare and solve ALL of them in order to make your dream come true.

The purpose of The GO TiNY! Academy is to help you avoid making expensive mistakes that will lead to delays, unnecessary complications, and in the worst-case scenario, regrets. 


Here are the 3 pillars to GO TiNY!


What is my budget?

Do I need financing to make my Tiny Home Dream come true? If yes, does my builder offer financing that’s right for me?

Is the home I am financing certified correctly to meet the zoning laws of the land I'll be placing it on? 


#2 - LAND

Do I have land and if so, will the Tiny Home I want work be allowed on it?

Do I want to live in a Tiny Home Village/Community and where can I find them?

Do I want to buy land and place my Tiny Home there and if so, what do I need to know about the zoning laws?



With so many builders to choose from, what strategy should I use to narrow down my top choices?

What questions do I need to ask potential builders to ensure that I make a decision I won’t regret?

Is the builder I want available to meet my timeline, budget, and design criteria? 


Take it from our GO TiNY! Academy students and graduates, 

who just like you were eager to save Time, Energy, and Resources!

Meet Lakisha Nelson, Real Estate Investor, Developer

Lakisha owns property that she wanted to turn into a Tiny Home Community but was unsure about the differences that a Tiny Home Village would involve.

The two biggest questions that Lakisha needed help with were: 

  1. LAND - I own it but what can work on the property that I own.
  2. FINANCE- While Lakisha owns land, she does need to attract investors to develop and populate the 
  3. BUILD - Which builder or builders should I work with to support my community

As a result of going through the GO TiNY! Academy Lakisha revealed some great strategies that can help her better understand how to attract investors and know what she needs when speaking with the local enforcement agencies for permitting her vision.  jurisdictions.

Meet Andrea Montrano 

Andrea and her husband Joe lived in Northern California.  They were renting a larger home in Sacramento and yet they yearned for owning their own home as well as have the ability to move it where they wanted to. 

As a result of going through the GO TiNY! Academy Andrea fast-tracked her Tiny Home process: 

  • LAND - Networked and put the word out and found her dream spot.
  • FINANCE- Found seller financing and jumped on it.
  • BUILD - She found a slightly used home that fit all her needs.

Key Takeaways from Andrea's situation...

  • She did not wait to find the land to take action on buying her Tiny Home. 
  • She believed in her vision even when the challenges were high.

Hi there, I'm Lindsay Wood! 

People know me as "The Tiny Home Lady". I’m the creator and lead instructor in The GO TiNY! Academy. 

My Tiny Home journey began in 2017 when my husband and I realized that we had spent north of $100,000 renting for 7 years. We were paying for someone else's mortgage while dreaming of…

Home Ownership, Simplicity, and Freedom ... going Tiny was our solution!

At our first Tiny Home Festival we met our dream builder (or so we thought). Six months and $65,000 into the build, we got a call from our builder...

“Your home is not finished, you need to come pick it up ASAP, we're going out of business”. 

What a gut punch. 

We drove to Utah and signed an “AS IS” contract and spent the next 8 months finishing our home.

Our builder left us with no promised warranty and no support system for any future problems and there were many...

  • The plumbing had to be redone ($7,500)
  • The solar system had to be rewired ($7,000)
  • Our home was overweight so our axles and tires had to be replaced ($5,500) 
  • We spent 8 months of our lives finishing our home ($30,000)

Spending $50,000 over our budget !!

We know what it means to set your dreams on going Tiny and have challenges come up. This is why we created the GO TiNY! Academy, to ensure people dreaming of going Tiny…

  • Get the information you need
  • Are empowered to make better choices than we made 
  • Have a more positive experience than we did 

Since our builder went out of business, I’ve personally had hundreds of conversations with people about their journey to GO TiNY!

The GO TiNY! Academy is a culmination of what we’ve learned from our own journey as well as working directly with our clients. 

Our goal is to increase the number of people getting access to this important information so we can create more attainable, sustainable housing in the US.

Our Tiny Home gave us the ability to become homeowners, live a more sustainable and simplified life and we want that choice for you!

The GO TiNY! Academy comes with 6 learning modules that gives you a

full understanding of what it takes to GO TiNY!


What You’ll Learn

Module 0

Success Philosophy

This bonus Module shares quick tips for what it takes to be successful on the Tiny Home journey. How you win at the game of Going Tiny takes enjoying the journey, staying focused on your goal and dedicating your time and resources to making it happen.

Module 1

The Building Blocks

After this Module you will better understand how all the pieces that going Tiny fit together and have a well crafted overview for your journey ahead. Included in Module 1 are the following:

  • 4 steps to GO TiNY! 
  • 3 Pillars to GO TiNY!
  • 4 Types of Tiny Homes (building standards you must know about)
  • Basics of Building Standards, Zoning Laws and financing and how they overlap 

Module 2

The Financial 

This Module focuses on the financial, your budget for your Tiny Home and how that gets formed to financing all or a portion of your home. Included in this Module 2 are the following:

  • How to Price a Tiny Home in an ever evolving market 
  • How to finance a Tiny Home
  • How to finance land and a Tiny Home
  • How to repair credit to get the best financing terms available

Module 3

The Land

After this module you will know your options regarding land for going Tiny. From zoning to permits to buying land to living in a Tiny home community. Included in Module 3 are the following:

  • What's involved with placing a Tiny Home on land you own
  • Building Standards, Zoning they relate to Tiny Homes
  • Creative strategies to find parking if you don't already own land
  • Tiny Homes and RV Parks: How to turn a NO into a YES
  • What to know before you talk to a Real Estate professional
  • How to find land resources

Module 4

The Build

After this module you will know how to look for and hire your ideal builder, and what specific design elements you need for your home. Included in Module 4 are the following:

  • Tiny Home certification, what you need to know
  • Ten Tips for hiring your dream builder
  • Strategies and questions for finding your dream builder
  • How to organize materials and design elements
  • What you need to know to Off Grid your Tiny Home
  • What to know about insuring your Tiny Home

Module 5 & 6

Workbook + Resources

Module 5 gives you the resources to support the information you are receiving in the Academy, giving you the edge on what it takes to succeed at going Tiny.

  • Tiny Home Workbook
  • Tiny Home Checklists
  • Access to Google docs to know how to speak to your builder 
  • Guest speaker videos
  • MODULE 6 includes all Recorded Weekly Zoom sessions

  Ready to make your Tiny Home Dream a Reality?

I can’t wait to work with you!





  • 2 Years of Access  
  • 6 Training Modules       
  • Bonus Training videos and modules released as the industry evolves
  • Complimentary 1-year membership with the Tiny Home Industry Association (THIA)